Alan Keith lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a big fan of the city.

He is married and has two sons.

He received a degree in Creative Writing from Cleveland State University and has yet to put it to good use. He loves to read, especially Joe R. Lansdale, Stephen King, and any other author that looks promising. His favorite book is Clive Barker‘s Weaveworld. The last book he read was Don Coscarelli’s True Indie. He is currently reading the novelization of the latest Halloween movie.

He records music under the name of Mr Keith and has recently put his first song up on bandcamp. His inspirations are such musical acts as The Dead Milkmen, Robyn Hitchcock, Captain Beefheart, Devo, R.E.M., and a collection of many artists who frequent Dr. Demento‘s airwaves.

Aside from his creative ventures, Alan Keith is a strong supporter of the organization Beyond Type 1, which helps demystify Diabetes and is working towards a cure. His oldest son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in February 2014.




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