Alan Keith is a wannabe writer, residing in the Cleveland, Ohio area. So far, the writing process has been start and stop throughout his life, never quite getting to a completed novel. This site will chronicle his attempts at writing his latest novel idea, the frustrations, the inspirations, the successes, and the process an unpublished writer can go through to get that first book completed.

Aside from the novel writing efforts, you can also read some of his general thoughts, short stories, and movie reviews. Although he has wide-ranging taste in movies, he has an affinity for B-grade horror films.

Alan Keith also loves playing and recording music in his spare time. Kind of like the starting/stopping of his book, the same thing holds true with his musical projects, getting new ideas and changing names almost as often as he changes his underwear, although the songs he plays never seem to change.

Lastly, he and his family are big supporters of Beyond Type 1, an organization dedicated to Diabetes education, support, research, and community.

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